Month: March 2018

Remembering the Dead – The 1995 Yom HaShoah

On April 15, 2018, the Beckley community will come together with Temple Beth El to remember those who died in the Holocaust. We are pleased to feature a news story from 1995 that promoted that year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.  This memory is from the Register-Herald and was published on April 26, 1995. Holocaust Memorial Scheduled […]

Max Lewin 1991

Beckley’s First Holocaust Remembrance Day

On Sunday, April 15, 2018, Temple Beth El and the Beckley community will be remembering the millions lost in the Holocaust and other genocides.  Twenty-seven years and one day from the first commemoration in Beckley, we will gather to also remember Max Lewin, a survivor, and the members of his family who perished in Holocaust […]

Max Lewin Begins The Healing Process

Max Lewin Begins The Healing Process This year, Beckley will host its twenty-seventh Annual Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 15.  In 1991, Max Lewin (1918-2002) began the tradition locally to honor his family and others who perished in the Nazi genocide. This solemn tradition has continued to the present. The local commemoration, however, would not […]